Behind the Bubbles & Blades

Hi there! Welcome to RootCraft - a small, family-owned business established in 2023, specializing in handcrafted creations rooted in nature. We are a Michigan-based, husband and wife team merging our individual passions into one unique business! We create all-natural soaps and body care products (the “bubbles”), as well as custom woodworking and engraving products (the “blades”).

The Bubbles

I’m Annie, and I’m the soap maker behind RootCraft! This business was started after an unexpected job loss caused us to pause and reconsider what was best for our family. I loved the job I had just lost, but our children were starting to suffer because of my absence at home. I was constantly exhausted and burnt out, and I felt like I was always on a hamster wheel of never-ending “things to do,” while feeling like I was never truly present for my family. Instead of starting to hunt for a new job, I took a break and just let God lead us where He wanted us to go - and that is how RootCraft was born!

I am a molecular scientist turned soap maker! I spent 8 years in the molecular diagnostics space before starting RootCraft. I love science but also have a flair for creativity. A lot of people don’t know this, but soap making is primarily a science, and only secondarily an art form. When I made my first batch of soap, I was instantly hooked. Soap making came so naturally to me because of my scientific background, but I was also able to add my own creativity to make it fun. For me, soap making is the perfect blend of science and art.

Our soaps and body products are made with only natural ingredients. We never use any artificial fragrances or synthetic colors - only pure essential oils and natural colorants. We believe that what you put on your body matters, so it’s important to us that we use only natural ingredients in our products. I am passionate about holistic health and living as toxin-free as possible, and my hope is that our products can be one small piece of your natural health journey, whatever that may look like. One of my favorite things about this business is that I have the opportunity to show people just some of the gifts God has given us through nature. You don’t need fancy, commercially produced products full of artificial fragrances and dyes in order to look and feel (and smell!) amazing. Sometimes the simplest products, when made with the right ingredients, are the most powerful.

The Blades

I’m Chase, and I’m the woodworker behind RootCraft! My love for woodworking began after helping my dad rebuild our sunroom in 2020, and my first solo woodworking project was a bench that we used to furnish the newly constructed sunroom. Since then, I’ve helped my dad with numerous other projects and honed my woodworking skills in the process. Though now a retired carpenter, he instilled in me a joy of the carpentry trade and gave me a foundation (along with a few tools) on which to build my passion.

By day, I’m a recreation supervisor for a local parks and recreation department, so I organize and implement sports leagues and recreational programs. I love games of all sorts - whether it be sports, board games, made-up games - you name it! When I was a kid, my cousin and I would invent our own games and spend hours playing them. I carried this love of games into adulthood and into this business. I especially enjoy building and personalizing our mini & box cornhole games and testing them out with our kids!

My favorite parts of this business are designing my next projects and crafting unique laser engraved creations. I’m constantly thinking up new ideas and I can’t wait to bring them to the RootCraft community. I enjoy personalizing my projects for our customers, and my hope is that our products will become cherished pieces in your home for years to come.