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Soap "Booty" Bundle

Soap "Booty" Bundle

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  • 4.0 oz

When we make our soap loaves, we slice off the ends, or “butts,” of each loaf before cutting the full bars. The “butts” are not quite as pretty because they often get little bumps and bruises when removing the soap from the mold. They have been combined into 3-packs with 3 different scents in each set. One bundle of 3 "butts" weighs a combined total of 4 ounces. Not only are they more economical, they also allow you to try 3 different scents at once without committing to full bars!

Please note: Bundled soaps are chosen at random and you will not be able to select your scents. The “Simplicity Bundle” contains 3 of the Simplicity soap butts only, with no scented options included.


Ingredients will vary based on which soaps are included in each bundle. Please see individual soap pages to preview ingredients lists. Please do NOT purchase this item if there are any ingredients or allergens you are trying to avoid, or if there are particular scents you dislike.

All of our products are made with only natural ingredients. We never use artificial fragrances or synthetic colors - only pure essential oils and natural colorants.

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